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Volunteers collect three tonnes of recyclables after carnival (v)

Almost three tonnes of recyclable materials were collected by volunteers after the carnival parade in Limassol according to Friends of the Earth of Cyprus, organisers of the collection.

A total of 23 volunteers took part in the operation which lasted four hours and covered a distance of about 2.5 kilometres with the volunteers following the last float of the parade.

The post-parade recycling operation was carried out in collaboration with the Limassol municipality, which provided the truck for the collection of the recyclable materials, and Green Dot Cyprus, which set up recycling points for PMD and glass at the start and end of the parade.

Using an electronic scale, the volunteers calculated the weight of recyclable materials collected at 2,800kg (almost three tonnes), consisting mainly of empty spray cans, aluminium cans, single-use plastic bottles, drink cartons and glass.

“It was clearly a race against time, considering the fact that carnivalists and spectators exceeded 140,000 people this year. According to the most optimistic scenario, the materials collected correspond to 20 per cent of the total quantity of recyclable materials discarded during the big carnival parade,” the NGO’s announcement said.

Friends of the Earth argued the management of waste should not be left to some conscientious volunteers but should be done by the organisers and others participating in the parade.

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