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Where colour and music meet

Artist Ludmila Budanov brings two strands of the arts world together in her upcoming exhibition at Peter’s Gallery in Limassol. As a musician by education and an artist by vocation, Budanov blends her two passions in artworks which have been called “colour-sounding”, which is what she will present at the exhibition in Limassol.

In her upcoming show the artist has created a unique world full of colour and images. Its bright, decorative and very picturesque compositions create an extravagant impression through which she wishes to share her vision of the world. In other words, share a positive perception of life and the willingness to include others in the joy.

“Game and fantasy are important for me in the creative process,” says Budanov. “I want to imprint movement, inconstancy and trembling. As a professional musician, I project rhythm in my art, tonality, tempo and character. My paintings vibrate like a magical sound of a violin string touched by a bow and as the fluttering of my soul.”

Bright colours and abstract images are to be expected in Where Colour and Music Meet. Though, she says, abstract elements in art shouldn’t put off the viewers. “The task of abstract paintings is not to reproduce reality with photographic precision but to encourage the flight of fantasy, to let the imagination flow, to awaken certain feelings and associations”.

With bold, bright and usual results, Budanov’s technique is unique and personal and even for many professionals remains a mystery.

The exhibition at Peter’s Gallery is a particular creative testimony. Here you will be able to see the latest artwork inspired by trips to Uzbekistan and Thailand, as well as prints with the artist’s works transferred to fabrics. Successfully held in August 2017 in Amsterdam, and in one of the most important Asian international art salons in Taiwan, there has been international recognition of Budanov’s talent.

Where Colour and Music Meet
Painting exhibition by Ludmila Budanov. March 20-April 3. Peter’s Gallery, Limassol. Opening night 7pm. Monday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 4 pm-6.30pm. Tel: 25-384804

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