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Bar Review: Lazy Bones bar, Nicosia

As if the universe just aligned so that I could have a good time and the bar could get a sparkling review, I walked into the Lazy Bones bar early on a mid-week night with three female friends to find two female employees setting up for a women’s day party with touches of carnival décor.

A smoothly decorated interior, with wooden panels, framed classics of Jim Morrison and Amy Winehouse and other gems no longer with us, and dark-coloured paint on walls embellished with little quotes, with some being entertainingly misspelled, the inside is charming.

We ordered house cocktails to check out the bar’s unique fairy dust and I’ll definitely be returning for more of my concoction of choice: the La Luna cocktail.

We sipped our cocktails (each with its own different glass), while a playlist shuffling through 90s-2000s Top 40 tunes had me drifting back to days less complicated and singing Destiny’s Child Bootylicious because we’ve all been there at some point. Or most of us anyway.

The woman behind the bar was super friendly and got to know each of us while the second did her equally friendly introductions before going to hang some decorative skulls on the walls and throw paper strips here and there for the party that was bound to fill the narrow space with people.

Prices are good, you’ve got the regular price of €6 for your gins and vodkas and so on with their mixers.

House cocktails are around €8, which is fine for one or two rounds but then I’d have to crawl down to my rightful place with the plebs for simpler drinks at lower prices.

Overall a very pleasant experience, with great vibes and friendly, open people. Highly recommended!


Lazy Bones

Where: Boumboulinas 12a, Nicosia

When:  Daily from 8.30pm

Contact: 97 669820


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