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Turkish Cypriot mother and daughter released

Bengul Garginsu after her arrest (Havadis)

The daughter of the Turkish Cypriot politician arrested in the north for allegedly spreading terrorism propaganda was also arrested but both were released Thursday morning, reports said.

Simge Alici, daughter of senior member of the Turkish Cypriot Republican Party (CTP), Bengul Garginsu, was arrested on Wednesday according to media reports in the north on the same accusations as her mother, who was arrested on Monday.

Both women, who were reportedly arrested in connection with participation in an illegal organisation and possession of propaganda publications of the organisation in question, were released on Thursday morning.

Garginsu was reportedly arrested for the possession of a book that is banned in Turkey, written by the leader of the Kurdish Workers’ Party, the PKK.

Her husband, Seydi Alici, said that the only crime of his wife and daughter was their Kurdish origin. “My daughter was born here. Her only crime is that her father and her mother are Kurdish”, Alici was quoted saying by Yeni Duzen daily. He said that the arrests constituted a violation of human rights.

The outrage sparked by the arrest, prompted Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci on Wednesday to announce there was no list of banned books in the north after numerous calls on social media for the list of banned books in the north to be published if it existed.

Akinci said that Turkish Cypriots had chosen to live their lives on the basis of democracy, freedom and human rights, but they also remain committed to the battle against the growth and spread of terrorism and violence.

In this context, he said however, “it is necessary not to damage the values of freedom and democracy in the fight against non-democratic approaches that threaten freedoms.”

He said that legislators should make a clear distinction between violence and terrorism on the one hand, and democracy and freedom on the other.

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