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Concert pays homage to Maria Callas

The rare soprano sfogato Anoki Von Arx from Austria, whose voice covers the entire spectrum from high and dramatic soprano to mezzo, just like Maria Callas’ voice, along with the Czech pianist Petr Vašíček present a tribute to Maria Callas at Technopolis 20 on Thursday.

The duo will present a music story with famous arias from Callas’ career. Anoki Von Arx will bring a unique element to the Opera. Before performing each aria, Anoki likes to enchant the audience with the story of the musical piece, and the Opera from which it originates, setting the scene for each song.

“Bringing the characters in her tale to life, the audience can’t fail but to be mesmerised by her beautiful voice and magical performance,” say organisers. The two musicians have previously collaborated in Paris on this Maria Callas homage and now they are bringing it to Paphos.

Anoki, though an established soprano now, began her career with dancing and when she devoted herself to opera singing, she combined it with Breakdance and Hip Hop. She’s toured Vienna and will soon head to the US for another tour. Until then, she stops in Cyprus for this Maria Callas tribute.

Accompanying Anoki on the piano is the celebrated Petr Vašíček, an outstanding pianist and an expert in the work of Maria Callas. “We are particularly thrilled that Petr will also provide a narrative on the life of the star during this performance,” add organisers.

Maria Callas Homage Concert
Tribute night to Maria Callas by Austrian soprano sfogato Anoki Von Arx and Czech pianist Petr Vašíček. March 21. Technopolis 20, Paphos. 8pm. €12. Tel: 7000-2420

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