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Bar review: Nand’s Bar, Limassol

By Tracy Roth-Rotsas

Pink elephants and sparkles aren’t what you’d normally find in a bar, yet that’s what it’s all about at Nand’s Bar in Episkopi. Owned and run by Steve and Dave, the bar is named after and dedicated to the memory of Steve’s enthusiastic, fun-loving wife Nand, who died not so long ago. Her extensive involvement in local and expat community life focussed on ensuring everyone felt included and there was always a place to go. Nand’s bar continues in that spirit – and with the place buzzing with activity on even a Monday night, clearly it’s working!

From the outside, it’s a deceptive place… very unassuming with untraditional décor. Upon entering, it looks quite small and cosy: there is a billiard table to one side, in winter, a patio heater running on full – lovely and warm – some rattan chairs and simple tables. On the walls are LOTS of posters advertising a host of activities. Step inside the next section of the bar and it opens up a little. Clever puns grace the walls in large cursive writing and a panel showcasing the signature cocktail The Pink Nanda ensures that everywhere you go Nand is a part of it. Clusters of cushioned tall white stools huddle around large chunks of wood tables jutting out from the walls around the edge of the room provide more of a bar look, and a dart board and TV screens cover the stock-standard entertainment needs.

But it doesn’t stop there. Past the homely bar, the toilets, and fully renovated kitchen with all the bells and whistles (for a new menu to include chicken tandoori skewers and homemade pies), is the way to the magical Nandland. It’s a Wow! moment for down a small flight of steps (access for physically-challenged people is via a ramp at the side) is a huge area which can fit 200 people easily, complete with stage and bar! And it is here that the events advertised take place. Everything from Queen tributes to comedy functions for just €5-10 a ticket, as well as private parties and charity events (the upcoming Lions event raising money for children with cancer on April 21 is next on the cards), happens here, the higher calibre of entertainment provided as they are working with an actual events management company.

We go back into the bar, where there are a couple of lagers and a bitter on tap and healthy array of spirits behind the bar. Most of the drinks are a very affordable €3, daytime meals and snacks a fiver and dinner under a tenner. They even offer a doggy breakfast in addition to the standard English breakfast of a morning!

The owners explain that they want Nand’s bar to offer fair prices, a welcoming atmosphere and above all, lots of activities. Their current schedule includes Casino Nights on Sundays, Quiz on Mondays, Free Modern Jive lessons on Wednesdays 6-7pm, Curry night Thursdays, DJ Humf from BFBS on Fridays, and live music and karaoke as advertised. There is mention of a 16 member ukulele band too!


Nand’s Bar

Where: 14 Road n34 (just down the road from Lyssi Market), Episkopi, Limassol

When: weekdays 12pm-12am, weekends 9am-2am

Contact: 95-124160

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