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Bar review: Apomero Kafeneio, Nicosia

For lack of a section entitled ‘Cutest Coffee Spots in Town’, my review of Kafeneio Apomero will just have to go here. Besides, if a bar is defined as a place where you can go and sit, and feel relatively wobblier the next time you get up, Apomero has got that covered.

True to the name, Apomero is a secluded spot. A strip in the heart of the old town but magically cut off from it. A place to unwind from the hassle of our daily lives and the equally tiring hassle of dealing with penetrating glances from random all-too-curious passersby.

But what makes Apomero a gem, is its owner. Androulla, a tiny but rock-solid elderly lady with a smile and a greeting painted on her lips, gives Apomero something almost none of the myriad of coffee places scattered across the old town have: heart.

Like all coffeeshops, you’ve got your Cypriot coffee and Nescafe/Frappe, but taking a giant leap up from traditional kafeneia, Apomero offers all the common espresso variations with prices not exceeding €3. For tea-lovers, Apomero has its own beautifully crafted tea menu presenting the large variety of organic teas on offer, each with its own special introduction.

In terms of booze, you’ve got your beers, wines, ouzo, tsippouro and zivania, all bound to set you straight. Last but definitely not least, going to Apomero without ordering a plate of Androulla’s hand-made sweet and/or savoury pieces of paradise is borderline sinful. Cheese, spinach and olive pies are made fresh daily, as are the deserts: galatopourekko, baklava and orange pie. All priced at just €2.50 a piece.

Now, the orange pie deserves its own paragraph, because it is out of this world, especially when coupled with vanilla or mastiha ice cream. Calling all sweet tooths out there: you have not lived until you’ve tried Androulla’s orange pie. Seriously.

Where: Polyviou 24, old town, Nicosia
When: Daily 9am-11pm
Contact: 97 848155 or 99 358919

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