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Company offers advice to those seeking sports scholarships in US

Sport scholarships can cover up to 100 per cent of the fees and living expenses

Having noted the shortage or even absence of proper professional guidance in the field of athletics’ related scholarships in America, consultants Global Education established a sports section under the auspices of United Sport USA, whereby students who are athletes in Cyprus can get help in how they can pursue their athletic activities while studying in the US.
The company offers guidance on the procedure to obtain an “athletic” scholarship.
This can be 80 or up to 100 per cent of the fees and living expenses, sport education consultant Chris Yiannaras explained.
“Colleges are a huge business in the US,” he said. “Colleges invest $2.3 billion a year in scholarships.”
The procedure varies according to whether a student is a member of a team sport or an individual athlete such as a swimmer or a runner.
For individual sports it is easier, the prospective students simply have to list their personal best achievement to show how good they are.
Where this cannot be measured, such as for footballers, it is a little more complicated. The athletes need to submit a video of 8 to 10 minutes, have a report from their coach and supply biometrics and ergometrics.
These are then sent to United Sports USA who distributes the profiles to interested universities. According to Yiannaras, the student usually gets an offer within a month.
The student does not have to pay Global Education before being accepted, and then only a set fee. Experts employed in preparation of material for the team sports, such as those who prepare a video, ask for a separate fee.
“Parents should encourage this opportunity, where young people who love sports get a first class education,” Yiannaris said.
And last but not least, a scholarship cannot be revoked. Even if a student can for some reason not compete athletically after the first semester, they will have a scholarship until the end of their studies.

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