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Legacy media coverage of Assange arrest has been atrocious

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

The shocking and despicable arrest of Julian Assange has truly caused the masks to come off. The legacy media’s coverage has been atrocious to say the least.

The press, who like to blow a gasket over asinine identity politics, either fell asleep at the wheel or else sought to smear Assange in his most difficult hour. By and large the so-called Fourth Estate – what a joke – sided with the establishment. While all manner of legal principles and norms – asylum protection, due process, presumption of innocence – were being trampled on. The alternative media alone did right by Assange.

And what about in Cyprus? Did we see outraged editorials conveying concern at this brazen attack on journalism and free speech? Nothing. As usual, local coverage merely deferred to mainstream news outlets abroad, copy-paste, copy-paste.

So I went digging for remarks from a politician or a party. Anything. I came up with a big fat zero.

Not a single statement from any party. Total silence. Maybe I missed something. I check the parties’ Twitter feeds. Nothing there either. Not a word about Assange.

Instead, all the politicos and pundits in Cyprus were busy Tweeting as they competed with one another in waxing lachrymose about the blaze at the Notre Dame Cathedral. A safe subject.

What will it take for people to wake up to the assault on free speech? And realise that the sock-puppet, cookie-cutter mainstream corporate media have sold out?




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