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Shopkeepers in Nicosia ‘triangle’ say works affecting business

How central Nicosia is expected to look in the future

Shopkeepers in an area of Nicosia that is undergoing gentrification said delays in the work were threatening their livelihood and they urged the municipality to start taking delivery of the project piecemeal.

In a statement, the owners of businesses in a triangle comprising Makarios Avenue and Stasinou and Evagorou Streets, said they had received promises that the project would be finished as scheduled and they would have the local authority’s support.

“Today, two months after the first meeting we had with the mayor, we are in the unfortunate position to observe that the work has only made minimal progress,” the statement said.

The shopkeepers said consumer access was difficult and businesses faced losses, which in some cases reach 100 per cent.

Citing the municipality’s timeframes, the businesses said delays exceeded 100 days. Stasicratous and Zena De Tyras Streets, which should have been already paved, have parts that are still at the first stage.

“It is tragic see delays and hear the excuse that the rain was to blame.”

The businesses appealed to the municipality to start taking delivery of the project in sections so as to cut inconvenience and allow the public to use the parts in question safely.

When the contract for the first phase of the project was signed in August 2018, the municipality said from September to December, the public works department will dig up Mnasiadou and Zena De Tyras Streets to prepare the ground for paving, which will be done between February and April 2019.

The second part of phase one involves works on Stasicratous Street from January to April 2019. Paving of this street is scheduled for May to June.

It also means that works on Theophanis Theodotou Street will start in January 2019 and finish by August the same year.

Finally, the lower part of Stasicratous will be tackled, commencing in May 2019 and, if all goes according to plan, finishing eight months later, before Christmas.

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