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Soldier to run three marathons in aid of kidney patients

Soldier Nicolas Miltiadous will run in full combat gear complete with back pack

The Paphos Kidney Association has started a fund-raising campaign in support of a soldier who aims to run three upcoming marathons, in full combat gear, in order to raise 70,000 euros to kit out a planned new renal unit at Paphos general hospital.

The funds will buy 25 special electric beds for the new unit; each one costs approximately 2,500 euros plus VAT. The beds which raise up in different sections, will also help nursing staff tremendously, Graham Brown, the chairman of the association, told the Cyprus Mail.

“They are also remote controlled and as blood pressure varies a lot when having dialysis treatment, all staff will have to do is press a button to raise the feet and this brings the patient’s blood pressure down. It prevents the nurses damaging their backs as well,” he said.

He added that good blood pressure levels are very important for dialyses patients.

With over 100 patients on dialysis in Paphos Hospital and currently only 14 beds, the government is building a larger renal unit, said Brown.

Nurses are working all hours, recently some have been working until 4.30am, to ensure that patients get their life-saving treatment.

Brown has hereditary polycystic kidney disease and receives regular dialysis treatment at the unit to keep him alive. Each of the hemodiafiltration (HDF) machines at the unit comes with a €25,000 price tag. The charity has donated three of them. If a patient doesn’t receive dialysis when needed, they will die within five days.

“There are more than 20 patients waiting for dialysis and I’m seeing new people at the unit all the time,” he said.

Brown, who has had around 840 treatments, said the process “really takes it out of you and ages you, as it has such a massive impact on the body.”

Just months after undergoing surgery to give his mother one of his kidneys, 31-year-old Nicolas Miltiadous is busy running marathons both to prove his quality of life has been unaffected and to raise funds for the charity.

Miltiadous will run in the marathon in Denmark in May, followed by Ireland and then the Athens marathon in full combat gear, all raising funds for the Paphos Kidney Association.

Miltiadous, a staff sergeant in the national guard from Nicosia, underwent surgery last November at the Nicosia general hospital to remove one of his kidneys which was then successfully transplanted into his mother. Although she still has to take medication, she no longer has to undergo daily haemodialysis treatment.

Funds for the new renal unit have been brought forward from the 2021 budget as a matter of urgency, said Brown, and the new facility is due to be completed by the end of 2021.

In the past, the Paphos Kidney Association has spent the funds it raises on equipment for the renal unit at Paphos general hospital, and will now continue to do so by helping to equip the new unit.

“There are 15 beds all allocated and waiting to go in to the new building,” said Brown.

The 26 haemodialysis units which are new will also be moved to the new space, he said. Twenty were paid for by the state, three from the Paphos Kidney Association and three from OPAP, he said.

Some will be kept as spares, as is the legal requirement, he added.

“We are hoping to set up a donation fund via Facebook in the immediate future,” said Brown.

Please donate by e-mailing : [email protected] for the charity’s bank details.

‘Paphos Kidney Association’ on Facebook  or









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