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A dreadful blight and genuine danger.

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The ugly and dangerous structure on the approach road to Tala and Kamares in the Paphos district and now the subject of a demolition order apparently belongs to a developer called Top Properties.  It has been overhanging a busy route for around 20 years and has now reached the stage where the road has been closed for safety reasons.  This has meant a variety of diversions which have already involved several accidents and are causing huge annoyance and inconvenience for many hundreds of people every day.
The community is grateful for the road closure, but fears that complacency will set in and that nothing will now be done to get on with demolishing the building.  The district officer and the Tala muhktar are working on unravelling the legal ramifications and doing all they can to progress the issue, but for many years this dreadful blight has proved a true eyesore and latterly a genuine danger.
Is there nothing which can be done to expedite its removal now the road is closed and all set for a contractor to move in and get on with the job?

Clive Turner, Paphos

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