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High to low at Rialto 

I went from ‘high’ to ‘low’ this evening Thursday at Rialto, ‘high’ when one of the ushers asked a woman to leave because she carried in a drink with her. Bravo.

‘Low’ was the applauding and very selfish) use of smartphones to record and no one doing anything about it. At one time I counted 14. Why? Tonight was exceptionally bad. There were even people standing in the aisle recording.

PLEASE do something Rialto. In Armenia people are asked to leave, after a warning, that may be a bit extreme (or maybe not), but if you stood up before a performance – not a recorded message which no one listens to – and made clear the rules of the Rialto, that may help. Another thing that may help is to give everyone who buys a ticket a small ‘flier’ explaining the rules. It’s utterly disgraceful that people get away with such selfish behaviour, and openly.

Penny Douglas, Limassol


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