Cyprus Mail

More police incompetence

Cyprus police (Christos Theodorides)

The shocking case of these poor murdered women and the worse than lax behaviour of the police beggars belief.
Today I have read of yet more incompetence, nothing like the scale of the murders, but just more evidence of the police and their inability to perform their work.
In Paphos, a drunk driver was freed, because the police failed to take their documentation to the court, so there was no evidence.
I note that in the Cyprus Mail most crimes reported are committed in Paphos. It is also very noticeable that when the police have their road safety campaigns the police are noticeable by their absence, in Paphos. The driving in Paphos is shocking, even a pedestrian was killed when walking on a – very wide – pavement, by a speeding car which became out of control.

Paphos Resident, via email



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