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No confidence in police after witnessing car assault

I am writing to you with regards to a crime I had witnessed on Monday, April 29.

I was driving in a quiet suburb of Limassol behind an SUV and the male driver of the car was hitting a female passenger with one hand and then proceeded to let go of the steering wheel and continued punching her in a downwards motion until she was no longer visible in her seat.

He quickly gained control of his steering wheel and continued hitting her with one hand. I took note of his licence plate and proceeded to call 199.

I explained what I had witnessed and they transferred my call to the Polemidia police station. After explaining everything again, they asked me to give a statement at the police station. I was reluctant to do so but provided the licence plate number.

The woman officer on the phone was hesitant to act without a written statement until she finally agreed to call the owner of the vehicle. I called back about an hour later and spoke with the same police officer.

She told me that she had talked to the driver of the vehicle on the phone and that he was cooperative and admitted to physically harming his passenger.

She also added that there was a third person involved who contributed to what had happened and said that the case had been reported to the social welfare offices. Upon inquiring about the welfare of the woman in the car, she could not tell me or confirm any of my questions.

I have a few questions; why did they claim to report this crime to the social welfare department and not carry out a proper investigation themselves? Is it not fair to say that any act of violence should be investigated by the police before assigning the case to the social welfare office or any other department?

Why didn’t they follow up in person or ask that the driver of the vehicle state his whereabouts for the police to investigate? Assuming they talked to the female passenger on the phone, does that really qualify as an investigation for a reported crime? I don’t feel confident that this case was properly dealt with based on the information that was provided to me. Just thought I’d share this with you.

ET, via email



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