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Police could have caught the serial killer sooner


I was in Cyprus for eight years and in all that time I found the police inadequate in doing their basic duty to protect citizens and foreign workers. I had a maid from the Philippines and treated her very well and gave her time off and she only worked about six hours a day.

She told me many stories if her friend being sexually assaulted and after reporting this to the police they were threatened with deportation. I am a retired British Police officer and I did write a column in your newspaper complaining that the Cyprus police were corrupt and lied to the Courts to get convictions. I witnessed an immigrant getting beaten up by Immigration Officers and was left deaf in one ear.

The whole matter was ignored by the investigators and the Asian man was deported after being locked up for some four months. The serial killer should have been caught a long time ago but as usual, they did not care about the missing women it would have been easy to solve this crime if they cared to. I am an English Cypriot and I left Cyprus because of the lack of justice and the corruption that is upheld by politicians and the Chief of Police.

RM, via email

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