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Less than 1% of cars in Cyprus electric/hybrid

One of the worst things in Cyprus is car usage, they said

Just 0.85 per cent of cars registered in Cyprus in 2017 were either electric or hybrid, a Eurostat report published on Tuesday said.

Among the EU member states for which figures are available, there were five countries with more than 1 per cent of their registered cars either electric or hybrid electric: Sweden (2.4 per cent), Poland (1.9 per cent), the UK (1.5 per cent), France (1.4 per cent) and Belgium (1.2 per cent).

Countries with a close to zero share are Croatia, Czech and Latvia.

In 2017 there were 262 million cars registered in the EU. Around 2 million (0.8 per cent) of these were classified as either electric cars or hybrid electric cars that can be driven in combination with a petrol or diesel engine.

There has been a steady increase in the number of electric and hybrid electric cars registered across the EU in recent years. In particular, the number of hybrid electric-petrol cars in 2017 (1.5 million) was more than seven times the number recorded in 2013 (0.2 million).

However, even the highest percentages are low, given the fact that the EU is planning to significantly increase the numbers by 2030, to 30 per cent or even 40 per cent.

Critics argue that copper, nickel, lithium and related minerals, key components of car batteries for electric cars, do not exist in sufficient amounts and there is no environmentally sustainable mining of raw materials for batteries.

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