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Moments in time

An exhibition opening later this month sees a series of paintings of locations around the island inspired by the clear Cyprus sky and the luminosity of its landscapes through sensitive colours as Monica Demetriades presents Moments in Time at Apocalypse Gallery.

From May 22 until June 7 the gallery will host the artist’s work which covers two cycles in this period. The first one reflects an entirely abstract approach where through free brushstrokes and some geometrical shapes, but also with bold colours and their interactions, Monica creates dynamic compositions that represent landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes in new dimensions.

The second cycle of her work mainly deals with Moments in Time in people’s daily lives. With backgrounds such as the sea, sky, land, gardens and objects of daily life are imaginatively juxtaposed on the artist’s canvases.

With pure touches and with much abstraction, her work is rounded with sophisticated simplicity. In this abstract climate one can detect elements of realism such as a kitchen bowl, a vase with flowers, dolphins in the sea and birds in the sky.

Though it’s not just paintings as Monica has also created a number of monotypes, a painting that goes through a printmaking process by hand. It is a one of a kind art work. Thus, the word monotype. Each one is different, a unique piece of art of which she paints by hand and then adds mixed media.

Moments in Time
Painting exhibition by Monica Demetriades. May 22-June 7. Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia. Opening night 7pm. Tel: 22-300150

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