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Still no sign of red lake suitcase

Investigations continued on Saturday in a lake in Mitsero village to locate a suitcase with the body of one of the seven victims of self-confessed serial killer Nikos Metaxas.

Earlier reports that draining the lake was being considered were deemed unfeasible. Sources told the Cyprus News Agency that the water is toxic and there is no safe area to dump it. The lake is dubbed the red lake due to the colour of its toxic water.

The divers’ search focused in an area where the first two suitcases were found with two bodies, also victims of Metaxas.

The work of the divers is a difficult one, as according the mud in the lake is waste-high. For safety reasons, four powerful light projectors were taken at the lake to assist in the diver’s work.

As police are waiting for the scan images of the bottom of another lake in Xyliatos, lake Memi, where authorities are searching for the body of a six-year-old girl, another of Metaxas’ victims, there was no search there on Saturday.

The search in the two lakes follows the confession by Metaxas that he dumped some of his victims’ bodies there. Two suitcases have already been found in the red lake with two bodies, one of them believed to be that of an eight-year-old girl.

The search will resume on Sunday.

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