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Bar review: Square, Nicosia

Some bars make you mellow and heavy and ready for a good heart-to-heart, and others make you feel like you’re sitting on a chair of thorns every time you sit down to take a breather from all the dancing. Square bar in Nicosia is of the latter variety, with the thorns in this case being the incredible music – strictly electronic – that seems to keep pulling you away from the few stools that line the bar, dragging you back to the dancefloor strip that makes up most of the interior.

The space has a dark, underground vibe that’s rare for the island. A long red strip of light hangs across the bar, the rest of the lighting is left up to the visuals and lights dancing across the wall behind the DJ booth, which mostly hosts local electronic DJs.

Since the bar is more like a hybrid bar-club, in the sense that it tries to accommodate the best of both worlds, the party doesn’t kick off till quite late. It’s central location (metres away from Eleftheria Square) and its late closing time at dawn means that those whose liver or knees are still intact can make it their second or third bar of the night.

Events are hosted mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, with the exception of the occasional weekday event. Some have an entrance fee – usually around €4 – which some, including myself, may find disheartening but then I remember that our local maestros of the DJ booth also need to make a living somehow, and all is right in the world.

The folks behind the bar are refreshingly friendly and things are kept simple in terms of drinks. No extravagant cocktails, just our regular old spirits and mixers. The magic here isn’t in the alchemy but in the frequencies it seems.



Where: Evagorou 1, Nicosia

When: from 7pm

Contact: 99 226613

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