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Kurdish man’s extradition hearing postponed

Larnaca Court

The extradition hearing of Kurdish national Cerkez Korkmaz, 60, was postponed on Friday by the Larnaca district court pending a decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The court ordered that Korkmaz remains in custody, rejecting the request by the defence for a relaxation of the defendant’s detention conditions.

Korkmaz’ bail was also kept at €130,000, which the defence claimed cannot be paid as the defendant is a political refugee with no income, and whose friends also earn modest wages.

Korkmaz was arrested on March 21 at Larnaca airport, just before boarding a flight to Athens.

He has been detained on a European arrest warrant issued by Germany, which is seeking Korkmaz on terrorism charges relating to the activity of the PKK, the Kurdish Workers’ Party.

Judge Maria Loizou nevertheless noted that Korkmaz’ detention would not last much longer as the court would request from the ECJ that it promptly reaches a decision as to whether the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office is judicially authorised to issue an international arrest warrant for the arrest of a wanted person.

The next hearing will be scheduled after the Larnaca district court receives a reply from the European court, and as such it is possible that the deadline of May 21 set by the extradition order for the extradition of Korkmaz to Germany will not be met.


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