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Cyprus politicians are all the same (web)

This president has proved to the public that he’s no different to the those before him when it comes to his handling of the national issue aka the Cyprus problem. When he was out office, he voted FOR the Annan Plan and accused others of lacking pragmatism and necessity for goodwill.

He’s now done a complete volte-face and accuses those, and in this instance AKEL, of adopting what he stated time and time again beforehand. He now has the affront of accusing them of being unpatriotic and appeasing the Terrible Turk. Those of us who voted for this spineless, turncoat of a leader have been led up the garden path as it’s obvious he has no intention of seriously engaging with the north/Turkey.

That being the case, in all probability the only outcome to this sorry saga is a referendum in the north somewhere along the lines of whether or not people wish to join Turkey or persist with efforts to reunite with the south of the island. No guesses as to the likely outcome. If this comes to pass, to my mind of all those who have sat on the presidential throne, the current incumbent will be the one who will be vilified as he’s had ample warning that this devastating scenario might well be enacted.

Frustrated (name supplied)

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