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Are some people more equal than others? (web)

Former president Demetris Christofias

Not being funny but what message is this sending to doctors and nurses in Cyprus who no doubt deal with a multitude of illnesses and emergencies on a daily basis?

It’s almost like saying, ‘you’ll do for the everyday folk but step aside for the important patients as the real doctors are coming in from abroad for them’!!

And those are the ones that stay in Cyprus for treatment as opposed to flying off to other countries for treatment instead!

I get that when a person is ill they want the best medical treatment possible and I also understand that certain illnesses can only be dealt with by specialists who may not be available at home but are Mr Christofias’ or the archbishop’s conditions those types of cases?

If yes then no problem but if no then talk about undervalue and undermine your own medical professionals!

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Christofias being examined by Israeli specialist

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