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Edek candidate claims Elam member threatened her

Yeadis Yeadi (circled in red) pictured doing the Nazi salute

A female candidate in the European Parliament elections claimed on Wednesday she had been verbally assaulted and threatened by a far-right candidate and was reporting the matter to police.

Edek’s Natassa Ioannou claimed the assault from Elam’s Geadis Geadi took place after their joint appearance on a lunchtime news show on Sigma television.

The two had argued during the show.

Quoting Ioannou, SigmaLive said she intended to report Geadi to police.

“He trembled, I am scared of them, he was threatening towards me,” she reportedly said.

Politis newspaper published photos of Ioannou outside the police HQ in Nicosia.

The paper reported that Geadi allegedly told Ioannou “When your head is split open don’t bother searching for who did it.”

During the show, Ioannou, a former news presenter, presented various photos, including one showing Geadi giving the Nazi salute.

Another photo showed Elam chairman Christos Christou walking alongside Greek far-right Golden Dawn leader Nicos Michaloliakos in Athens. Christou denied suggestions he was Michaloliakos’ bodyguard but a video doing the rounds on the internet showed a senior Golden Dawn member confirming he was.

Ioannou also presented two other photos of Elam members recently arrested by police, one in connection with possession of around a kilo of cannabis, the other suspected of participating in a protection racket.

Geadi said the Nazi salute photo was “old, reheated food”. He claimed the photo had been doctored and accused Edek of grasping at straws in the face of electoral defeat.

“Unfortunately, some people see that their political future is on the line and they are grasping at straws,” he said.



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