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Sleeping Beauty brought to life in musical

Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty’s tale. A beautiful girl with three fairy godmothers who falls under the spell of an evil fairy as she pricks her finger and falls into an eternal sleep. The only way to be woken up a true love’s kiss. It’s a beloved children’s tale, a Broadway musical version of which is coming to the island courtesy of the Russian Ballet.

On Saturday at Limassol’s Pano Polemedia Theatre this classic fairy tale will come to life in an affordable, creative, unforgettable musical theatre experience. “A work of art, talent, enriched with grace and beauty of Russian Ballet with a combination of colourful costumes and a magical setting,” promise the organisers.

So, if you are looking for something to fill your Saturday and want to take the kids out, surprise them with Princess Aurora and her adventures as the performance is suitable for a young audience.

Accompanied by popular songs and detailed costumes, Sleeping Beauty’s characters gain flesh and bone. Two shows will be on. One at 4pm and one at 7pm.


Sleeping Beauty

Broadway musical with the Russian Ballet. May 25. Cultural Centre Hall Pano Polemidia, Limassol. 4pm and 7pm. €15/12. Tel: 99-401195