Cyprus Mail

Cyprus voter turnout 7.3 per cent at 10am

Photo: Christos Theodorides

Chief Returning Officer Kypros Kyprianou said voting was running smoothly in Sunday’s European Elections in Cyprus, with the turnout at 10am local time standing at 7.3 per cent, compared with 6.4 per cent in the European Elections of 2014, 10 per cent in the parliamentary elections of 2016 and 10 per cent in the presidential elections 2018.

In Nicosia, the turnout was 10 per cent, Limassol, 6 per cent,  Famagusta 7 per cent, Larnaca 8 per cent and Paphos 8 per cent. At the special polling stations for Turkish Cypriots, the turnout was 1.3 per cent compared to 0.4 per cent in the European elections in 2014.

He called on all citizens to exercise their right to vote.