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Cyprus is confronted with problems no other country member state of the EU has to face

The ruins of the original Ayios Kassianos school in Nicosia's buffer zone

Peace loving Cypriots welcome the election of professor Niyazi Kizilyurek and regard his election as a positive contribution for our two communities to build further cooperation. Cyprus is the only country of the EU whose citizens have to show travel documents to cross roadblocks in order to cast their vote.

Cyprus, although a member of the EU, is confronted with problems no other country member state of the EU has to face.

Cyprus is partly occupied, its capital city is divided with barbed wire and land-lines. There are 40 000 Turkish occupying troops and in addition, it has the ghost town of Varosha. The paradox is that all the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus have the right to live and work in any EU country but they are denied this right in their own country.

Support from the EU to restore normality in a member state is almost non- existent. In addition, Cyprus was easy prey for the EU to impose a haircut on people’s savings, something that was not imposed on any other country. Another factor that influenced the elections is the fear of foreclosures of families’ homes which has been withheld until after the EU elections.

In addition to these special difficulties inflicted on Cyprus, there are the common problems of unemployment and homelessness facing all EU people, including the Germans. According to the Euronews, Berlin is the “capital of the working poor”. The peoples’ dissatisfaction and dissolution are across the EU and the causes are the neoliberal policies dictated by the bureaucrats in Brussels.

Costas Karseras

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