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Authorities ponder pumping water from lake in search for body

Photo: CNA

Authorities are looking into pumping some water from a lake in a bid to find the body of a child murdered by a self-confessed serial killer along with her mother.

Crews have been combing the Memis lake in Xyliatos for over a month without any result in search of a six-year-old girl who was killed by army officer Nicos Metaxas, 35, along with her mother whose body was found mid-April in a mine shaft in Mitsero, nearby.

A search is also underway at another lake, which is filled with toxic water, for the body of another victim.

Fire chief Marcos Trangolas said crews were looking to perhaps pump some water from Memis to lower the water level a few metres “so as to conduct a more thorough search where the suspect said he had dumped the body.”

The location is full of bushes, roots, and reeds, making it hard for crews to see.

“When the level comes down, we can perhaps assess the course followed by the body,” Trangolas said.

The fire chief said there was no question of draining the lake, which currently holds some two million tonnes of water.

Doing so would mean waiting for around six months for the mud to dry before any searches could be undertaken, Trangolas said.

Not too far away, in the toxic red lake, divers continued their search for the body of a Filipino woman murdered by Metaxas.

The 35-year-old has claimed five women and two underage girls, daughters of two of the women.

The case and subsequent revelations of police indifference in investigating the disappearance of three of the women and the two children have led to the dismissal of the chief of police and resignation of the justice minister.


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