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Fire and weather alerts as record-breaking May ends (Updated)

Record temperatures for May were recorded on Wednesday, and likely to be even hotter on Thursday and Friday, prompting authorities to issue a yellow weather alert and a red fire warning alert.

The met office has issued the week’s second yellow weather alert for Thursday, warning temperatures will peak at 41C inland. The warning is in force from 11am until 4pm.

The highest temperature on Wednesday was measured at Athalassa weather station, Kitas Weather reported, 42.1C.

This is a new record for May, Kitas announced, while saying this record may be broken on Thursday.

Normal temperatures for Nicosia for this time of the year are 31.6C, he said.

In Prodromos, the weather record was also broken, with 32.6C recorded on Wednesday, while in this area the usual temperature for late May is 22.5C.

It is expected to be slightly cooler by Sunday, but still hotter than average.

The forestry department has also issued a red alert for the second day running, using even stronger wording than the day before.

It sent out a very strong message to people to avoid any activities likely to cause a fire and to cooperate with the forestry department and the fire services by immediately informing the authorities of any sign of fire or smoke.

The announcement reminded the public that the number to call for the forestry department is 1407 and the fire services 112.

In the morning, the labour inspection department has warned that there will be high concentrations of dust in the atmosphere on Thursday.

Inhaling the small dust particles may have a negative impact on human health.

Vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and people with health problems should stay indoors until the dust subsides.




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