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The local authorities should have installed groundwater management systems (web)

As has been reported many times in Cyprus Mail, landslide is not an insurable risk in Cyprus. I do not know what you mean by “the developer”. Southeast Pissouri is not a complex built by a developer.

The District Administration zoned southeast Pissouri for development in c.1981. At that time the area had been stable, according to experts, for 20,000 years.

When the authorities zoned the area for development and permitted development, the District Authority should have installed both mains drainage and groundwater management systems into which complexes and bespoke homes could connect. They actively decided not to because, I am given to understand, of an interdepartmental dispute as to which budget should pay 20% of the costs.

I am told (but do not know myself) that Cyprus pays annually a fine to the EU for failing to install drainage in breach of EU Law.

As reported, it is common ground between experts advising homeowners and the Geological Survey Department that homes are being destroyed by landslide triggered by ground water – which under the constitution belongs to the state.

Article 23 of the constitution states that the government SHALL pay just compensation (my emphasis).


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I don’t understand why the tax payer should pay. Shouldn’t insurance cover this? Shouldn’t the developer who built these homes be responsible?

Our View: Government has treated Pissouri homeowners shoddily

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