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The UK cannot continue to cherry pick when it comes to Brexit (web)

Pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit demonstrators square off outside the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, London, Britain January 29, 2019. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

Negotiations have finished with a deal. It’s just that the UK parliament cannot agree on what it wants.

The withdrawal agreement is arguably the most important part. It arranges things for the short term. And to paraphrase Keynes, who cares about the long run? No-one lives in the long run.

The EU has conducted a fine negotiation. It has come up with a plan, it outlined its positions from the start and it has shown great flexibility towards the UK (3 extensions encounting). It is the UK which is in utter disarray, has never had a plan, came to the negotiating table unprepared, and to this day is still caught up in internal politics.

The EU has proposed a trade deal. The UK however has rejected it and instead wants to cherry pick and lets party and personal ambitions prevail over national interest. One would think the UK has picked up some tricks from Cyprus. Perhaps it is an island thing?


EU tells Britain: There will be no renegotiation of Brexit deal

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