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Laws help only if they are enforced (web)

Hunting dogs are the most likely to be abandoned

A law is not much worth if it is not implemented.

My example: My neighbour, who is being prosecuted for night-time noise, violence, and beating another neighbor, now has a pittbull who barks at everyone and everything, day and night. His fence is about 1.50 high only.

Many children are passing there almost every day on their way to or from the school bus. On my complaint at the Mouktar I got an answer that I should complain to the police. From the police I was answered that I should complain to the Mouktar. That went so 2-3 times and nothing has changed.

From the Mouktar office, however, I learned that the dog has no license. So what? Will there be some kind of  action only when this dog attacs a child or an adult?

So my question is: What help laws if they are not implemented?


In theory good but only if real efforts are made to actually enforce the law. In particular, as others have said I want to see action on so called hunters who keep dogs in appalling conditions and then dump them for other people like me to deal with when they become a ‘problem’. Ditto “puppy farms”.

As others have said, it would also be nice if certain owners realised that the fact that they have a small dog does not negate the need for it to be trained.

I am sick of out of control yappy miniature dogs behaving aggressively towards me and my dogs and of their owners thinking that somehow this is cute. They are usually the ones that leave poop lying everywhere too.

Public invited to have their say on new law governing dogs


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