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Many EU Citizens are not registered anywhere, making their GESY registration impossible

A major part of the problem for some non Cypriot EU Citizens is that that they are not registered anywhere on other state systems as they have not applied for residence permits (Pink Slip, yellow slip, MEU1, MEU3) may not have been working (but are on a pension) so have no SI number (and you need a pink / yellow slip to get that) and/or no tax number. Registration for GESY requires such registration elsewhere.

Perhaps those individuals will now have to register and start paying tax and SI to fund the services they want to benefit from.

Seaman S (I am btw a non-Cypriot.)

Reply by CyprusOilMan
There are many foreigners who have “settled” in Cyprus, sometimes decades ago, who are not “in the system”. However, I don’t blame them entirely. The level of bureaucracy here is frightening, and NONE of the systems are connected, so you can spend an awful lot of time “doing the rounds”, but often getting nowhere.

I am especially concerned for less able folk, many of whom have come here to retire, but it seems the SI managers are currently not registering anyone who doesn’t have an employer. I suspect this is because of the backlog that GESY has created, which is now so huge that it’s going to take many months for anyone at the back of the queue to get all their papers in order.

It’s enough to make some people just give up and stay out of the system !!!

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