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It’s up to Trump, and Nato allies now

File photo of F-35 jets

It’s up to Trump, and Nato allies now.

It’s clear Erdogan is going ahead with the S400 and Nato to cover his back while playing Russia and America “openly”.

Putin and Trump are begging for Erdogans favour. What was the deal America offered Erdogan that wasn’t as good as Russia’s offer, the rest of Nato need to know and compare their cost, what was the freebie this time.?

If Trumps warnings and threats are meaningless and Turkey remains in Turkey, then it’s the end for NATO.
It defies the whole purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty.

What’s the point of going ahead with the F35 project if there’s already a missile than can easily deal with the war plane. ?

If I was in charge i would knock the F35 on the head and come up with something better “without” Turkeys contribution.

The moment Turkey receives the S400, it is in effect the only member of NATO with Russian made defence System, superior to those of other Nato member, effectively more powerful.

If the US also supplies the F35 to Turkey Erdogan will create a mockery in the region . And the equipment will not be used for defence (Nato) purposes as in the invasion of Cyprus 1974 and Syria 2017.


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Erdogan says Turkey committed to Russian missile defence deal


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