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AG made progress in his tenure

Attorney-general Costas Clerides

This is professional embarrassment for supreme court not AG!

CM seem to be on some sort of crusade against AG for a long time now. So this editorial is no exception.
As a matter of fact this is the first AG that secured ANY major prosecutions ever. If this was happening 15 years ago there would be no prosecutions, no verdicts, no apeals and/or acquittals. It would have been all duly swept under the rug and nobody would ever know or ask anything.

So for what I can see AG made progress in his tenure. Maybe not as much as we expected but under circumstances , AG Clerides, Auditor General and Paphos Major all did great and are about only breaths of fresh air that we can feel in this post crisis times.

Hope we had more of guys like this.


In reply to above:

Allow me to disagree. it was the first instance, court which found that there was an abuse of process, and the Supreme Court upheld the reasoning.

If one reads both judgments he/she will understand why the AG messed it up. He did not have knowledge of the basics and he was negligent. This is a fact and anything said to put the blame on others is just an attempt to (intentionally) divert attention away from the real facts.

The citizens have suffered because huge amounts of money were paid to AG to do his job properly. He has failed to do so. Again this is a fact.

The accused are officially innocent and we will never have the opportunity to find out what has really happened because the the AG’s negligence. Again this is a fact.

Where an officer is negligent in carrying out his duties should have the dignity to resign.


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