Cyprus Mail

Gesy software leading to lab test errors

The providers of the national health scheme (Gesy) will need continuous training on the new digital system, the association of clinical laboratories said on Tuesday as especially in the case of referrals for clinical laboratory tests the system is prone to mistakes.

According to the president of the association Charilaos Charilaou problems have emerged with doctors’ referrals of patients for laboratory tests, mainly due to the new and complex Gesy software on which providers have not been trained.

A central issue is the expansive catalogue of clinical laboratory tests offered by Gesy, Charilaou said, whereby for example a doctor wishing to refer his patient for a blood sugar test needs to choose from 34 different blood tests and could easily make an error.

“More training is needed for the providers who will issue referrals for tests, and a large part of the tests offered should be simplified to make it easier for the doctor to issue the referral, while training seminars should also be arranged for the management and staff of the clinical laboratories,” Charilaou noted.