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Don’t our MPs have more important things to discuss?

Will tourists be needing a special licence to take photos, asks a concerned reader?

What a waste of time. I could understand perhaps regulation for photography of minors if not accompanied by a suitable adult, but you need professional qualifications etc otherwise. No.

My usual person who fills my car with Petrol at the EKO station will be next on the regulated profession list and then maybe the car wash attendant.

Its like hiring day boats here. If I am a Cypriot national or permanent resident I must pass an exam at the ministry of shipping to get a HSSVOL (high speed, i.e. more than 7 kts, wow) licence, but a holiday maker with zero experience can hire a boat or a jet ski that can do 25 kts + on a driving licence, now that is ridiculous.

Mr M

Another monopoly in the making ? will tourists be able to take photographs? The country is falling to pieces morally, financially and reputationally and this is the best they can come up with. Remenicent of Hitlers bunker in 1945, the plans of madmen!


Unearthed bill seeks to regulate photography profession