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Is the party bigger than the president (web)?

Is the Disy bigger than the President of the Republic

Your article is timely and accurate. Personally I feel betrayed by the President of Cyprus.

We understood why he came away from Crans-Montana using a hard line to break the talks – There were elections ahead and to have any kind of a settlement resolution that was crystallizing beforehand would have been suicidal,

We all imagined that once the presidential elections were over he (Anastasiades) would return to the talks or actively push for their resumption, but not only has he not done so, but he has tried to take on ELAM by “Out Elamming” them.

The same sort of thing that Perdikes was doing in the past both on the Cyprus issue and the financial crisis of 2013. (and look what that did for “The Greens” at a time when Europe was going very green).

For me the solution is simple: The President has to go. The party is bigger than him. In addition, he has completely failed to grasp the mood of the nation. 65% of the voters in 2018’s presidential elections voted for pro-settlement candidates.

Maybe, locked away in that little Proedriko Megaro, his final, single strand telephone line to the real world is about to terminally corrode and break. He is going to “do” a Christofias, namely to allow a positive proponent ‘president’ in the north to pass by (Akinci has less than a year left now and Mehmet Ali Talat didn’t get re-elected).

So we come back to the same accusation made of the Palestinians: “We never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity”. He has had two terms, if anyone could take a chance for peace, surely he could, but oh no! its self self self every time.

Mr P

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