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95 per cent of civil servants were graded as ‘excellent’

Mr lerodiakonou seems to be too much of a voice of reason and common sense.

Our country is ruled by unions, they dictate terms to government which is basically spineless and self serving in itself (as a collective), the few who are true guardians of the people and country are drowned out and rendered voiceless by the self serving majority.

Those who benefit from the more than lucrative ‘government job’ packages have no regard for the country, its citizens or its reputation or financial stability as long as they are OK.

Therefore the question that must be asked is how they can be referred to as civil servants, public servants or government workers. a) they are not civil, b) they do not serve the public and c) clearly government and workers is a contradiction in terms.

Apologies to those who truly wish to make things better but the majority spoil it for you.


Returning public sector pay cuts is unconstitutional and unfair


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