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The other side is the beginning of the other side

Exploring the point at which one thing ends and the other begins is an exhibition opening next week by Vaso Hadjoulli and Charalambos Sergiou called The Other Side is the Beginning of the Other Side.

Firstly, they gaze at the history of modern and contemporary art. They thereafter delve deeper into the meta-physics of their mass-energy relationship. And, ultimately, they negotiate the meaning of the value of their experiences and actions as artists who contribute towards society.

A couple in life and in art, Charalambos and Vaso have been together since 1999. Their collaborative work has been exhibited in group and solo shows, in Cyprus and Greece. From 2005 until recently the Sergious have been scrutinising how viewers perceive art on display in relation to the maker via a series of exhibitions including Unauthorized Histories, Change-ex-Change and other solo exhibitions. They endeavour to transform the viewer into a brushstroke utilising the knowledge of art history and aesthetics to interact with the public.

In their recent exhibition, the two have utilised a common space to create entirely different concepts, which attempt to decipher how ‘the other side is the beginning of the other side.’


The Other Side is the Beginning of the Other Side

Art exhibition by Vaso Hadjoulli and Charalambos Sergiou. June 19-22. Omikron Gallery, Nicosia. Opening night 7pm. 6.30pm-10pm. Tel: 22-678240

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