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Wheeler dealing by the guardians of justice (web)

Supreme court opens hearings into civil servants’ pay cuts
The Supreme Court

I’m sure that most of us have been stunned this Sunday after reading this extraordinary editorial with its revelations of out and out greed and wheeler-dealing by none other than the guardians of justice, morality and fair play: Cypriot judges. But are we surprised. Of course we aren’t.

All notions of self-sacrifice and civic pride simply don’t exist and instead it’s every man for himself and devil take the hindmost, the latter in this case being the hard working private sector which underpins and funds this monstrous display of selfishness. So a judge gets a pension at age 63 and carries on working. This is surely institutional theft on a grand scale.

Let’s examine the possibilities as to why this state of affairs has come to pass.

Firstly, I contend that just about everyone on the island has little or no pride in being Cypriot and as a result there’s no natural feeling of nationhood. After all, the raison d’etre of EOKA was for ENOSIS, Union with Greece, and not for independence.

Secondly, the state that was founded in 1960 is therefore looked upon as a separate entity akin to a piggy bank and milked by all and sundry with even those caught with their fingers in the cookie jar given derisory sentences and let out for spurious reasons. Imagine being in the trenches facing the enemy with these sort of people alongside you. At the first whiff of grapeshot, they’d hightail it backwards and leave you to face the music on your own.

The person able to change this appalling state of affairs is none other than the president himself. The problem is that successive holders of that position have been part of the problem, the current incumbent probably the worst as recently revealed by employing countless numbers of people as his ‘advisers’ and caving in to any union who beats a path to his palace.

It therefore seems that only official state bankruptcy is the answer. When this happens, I only hope that the troika or other international financial institution doesn’t fly to the rescue like the 7th. cavalry to bail it out once again as only a shock of catastrophic proportions will suffice to shake the foundations of Cypriot society.


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