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Cyprus reputable organisations give their support to making young voices heard

An international group of students has demonstrated their public speaking skills in Limassol, following a three-month course with a public speaking masterclass of Finland. For the first time in their lives the children presented, debated and competed in front of a live audience.
Children of 13, 15 and even nine years of age shared their thoughts and offered a fresh perspective on life, work and issues of the world that make a difference for each of us. In this innovative event young orators presented on the topics of art, sports, law, the role of determination in success – and have even demonstrated their skills playing music and their own music compositions.
Children were given the opportunity to voice their opinions, ideas and suggestions on the global issues of water conservation, climate change and charity. Some of the presented topics were inspired by the Sophia Foundation for Children that works in Cyprus and in Kenya to help the most vulnerable social group – the children.
“I was amazed and impressed with this fresh and innovative approach to public speaking! The thoughts and ideas that the children were communicating were unexpected and outstanding. In addressing the global issues and problems, the children on stage were giving the voice to all the other children living in poverty and struggle in the developing countries all over the world,” said Marina Shacola, founder and chairwoman of the foundation.
“It was both inspiring and valuable for the Sophia Foundation For Children to take part,”
“The development of oracy skills will help me in the future, but it also helps me already now in everyday life, because I have been able to communicate effectively and to express my feelings and emotions in a positive way, in the way that I would like to. Throughout the masterclass during every lesson I’ve been learning something new, and this has helped me outside of the classroom,” commented Sofia, a young student.
Numerous reputable organisations of Cyprus have played an important role in preparing for the event and helping to make the young voices heard. The masterclass and the event are supported by the Sofia Foundation, IMS Private School, Chrysses Demetriades and the CTC group. The leaders of these organisations have participated in the event in order to give their professional feedback and support to the young speakers.
The next wave of aspiring orators is invited to join the public speaking masterclass of Finland in June and July in Limassol, hosted at the premises of IMS Private School.
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