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Just hollow words by DISY leader unfortunately (web)

Disy leader Averof Neophytou

As a DISY supporter (the better of a bad bunch in my opinion) I am not convinced the leadership will listen, take stock and win back supporters as the party is fracturing between the moderates and the nationalists.

The President, Prodromou and Stavrou each have a lot to answer for and should learn the art of diplomacy,

Shouting off nationalist fervour to please the pseudo patriots is fine when no one is listening, recording or reporting but to do so on a public platform is beyond stupidity and hands all the trump cards to the opposition or occupying force.

Statesmanlike diplomacy, compromise for all concerned and a willingness to listen to the other sides concerns are a mandatory requirement. Without those skills we will still be having a Cyprob in 2519.

Assuming we are not a province of Russia by then of course. I hope Neophytou’s words are not hollow talk (queue ‘choir of young believers’, – a wonderful song) but I fear they may just be words of appeasement.


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