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Erdogan a threat to the whole area

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan is not only a danger to Cyprus and the neighbouring countries but also to the Turkish people.

It is becoming apparent that Erdogan’s policies are coming apart at the seams. In Turkey the inflation is 20% and unemployment is 11% and the Turkish Lira lost 27% of its value only last year. Because of the devaluation, Turkey’s foreign debt resembles the mortgages which were based on the Swiss currency.

In addition, Erdogan beats the war drums and has embarked on a spending spree buying arms. Internally the cohesion of the Turkish society by imprisoning people from all walks of life, including army personnel, has been weakened.

The bloody 40-year-old Turkish-Kurdish conflict that has cost 50 000 lives not only continues  but has also moved into Syria and Iraq.

President Erdogan is well known for his diligence and adhering strictly to the letter and the spirit of the law when interpreting the Turkish’s undertakings under the London-Zurich Agreements. This can be seen by his statement “We are a guarantor power, and as such we will protect our rights until the end, wherever these may be, across our entire EEZ’.”

Does the Turkish modern Napoleon take into consideration of the neighbouring countries? Who in his right mind would trust him one iota?


Erdogan: we have the ships, we will drill

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