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Last chance to catch an Edith Piaf soiree

Reaching the class and interpretation of Edith Piaf is no easy task yet with sold-out performances French-Cypriot singer Vanessa Megalemou has been putting on alongside pianist Andreas Michalopoulos and voice ensemble Ergo Sum, she must be doing something right.

Having held various Edith Piaf soirees around the island, only two shows are left, at least for the time being.

“The idea had been there since I was 16 years old,” says Vanessa. “From a young age, I have been in love with the songs and the voice of Edith Piaf but I wanted to be ready”. Upon her return to Cyprus she began working on Piaf’s songs with pianist Andreas until they perfected enough to be able to put on a show entirely dedicated to one of France’s timeless singers.

Since introducing the public to their Piaf soirees, nearly all of their performances have been packed. Vanessa attributes this fact to four things: the greatness Edith Piaf’s name holds, that live French music events are scarce, the team’s effort and her own passion.

And her most cherished memory from the performances? “Every finale,” Vanessa says, “it’s the moment I could clearly see that this show didn’t touch only us on the stage but the audience as well. And that’s a true gift.”

Yet June 20 at Sarah’s Jazz Club and June 27 at Theatro Dentro won’t exactly be the end of the Edith Piaf soirees as Vanessa says she’s not ready to let her go yet. Future performances are in the plans with new songs and perhaps one day with an orchestra. Though concrete plans for future shows haven’t been set so if you want to relive Piaf’s legendary songs, head to the last performances this month.


Edith Piaf soirees

Live music by Vanessa Megalemou, pianist Andreas Michalopoulos and Ergo Sum ensemble playing music by Edith Piaf. June 20. 9pm. Sarah’s Jazz Club, Nicosia. June 27. 9pm. Theatro Dentro, Nicosia

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