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Dispute can only be settled at the negotiating table (web)

At the end of the day, everyone knows that this dangerous dispute has to be settled at the negotiating table with international diplomacy behind the scenes to help all parties save face by pretending that neither of them backed-down?

Anastasiades pleas to the E.U. and elsewhere for ‘action’ against Turkey and asserting that he will not negotiate unless the Turkish ships leave first will ultimately lead nowhere-Erdogan should also tone-down his ranting and try to patch-up things with the USA or he may find that he is suddenly no longer in power?

The alternative will be something far worse and the people who pay the price most will be the Cypriots on both sides, as in the past!

Action now, not more verbal grand-standing by any of the players is what we need!


We’re using the gas to push Turkish Cypriots closer to Turkey

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