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Cabinet approves subsidies for hearing aids

A revised scheme for a state subsidy to buy hearing aids was approved by the cabinet on Tuesday in line with current purchase prices and life span.

The cabinet approved a proposal presented by the health minister on the revision of the scheme for the purchase of hearing aids.

It provides for a state grant of up to €1,000 for each ear piece every four years up to the age of 18 years for children born deaf or those who lose their hearing before the age of 10.

Up to €750 will be given for each earpiece every five years for adults born deaf or whose deafness occurred by the age of 10, and a grant of up to €350 for the purchase of a hearing aid every five years for persons over the age of 65.

The revised scheme also provides for a grant of up to €340 per ear piece for adults with deafness with no speech development for the purchase of a super power hearing aid that helps in the partial perception of environmental sounds rather than speech-communication perception. These handsets are mainly used as warning devices for security reasons, the health ministry said in an announcement.

As regards patients who have more specialised needs, the health minister will decide on the manner and amount of the grant, depending on the case.

The revised grant scheme will cover over 1,000 patients with hearing problems annually.

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