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Cyprus fast heading for a partition (web)

The TCs have to understand that if this goes ahead then any chance of a resumption of talks is gone and a partition will take place.

Then their only option would be to become a province of Turkey, forget any separate recognized state, that will never happen.

I know the settlers and oversea Turks would rejoice at this outcome but I was always with the impression (stupid me) that the this invasion was to secure the indigenous TCs their heritage, culture and way of life,

They have been conned as it is evident that Turkey’s ultimate goal was to turn the ‘North’ into a Turkish province.


SW added

Much as I hate to admit it, I agree with AKEL, the opening of Famagusta under the so called Turkish Cypriot administration will be the end of any chance of reunification.

T/C Varosha move ‘unacceptable’, promotes partition (Updated)

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