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Divide and rule policy adopted by Anastasiades

This dinner was nothing other than Anastasiades adopting a divide and rule strategy in the Turkish Cypriot camp and generally muddy the water.

The man is a complete waste of space and has absolutely no intention of seriously seeking a resolution of the national issue. Far from it. His only raison d’etre is to sit on the presidential throne, attend fruitless conferences and meetings, get the U.N. and E.U. to publish reports or make statements with which he’s ‘satisfied’ (but achieve nothing) and generally swan around.

In short, he’s the worst leader on record – and that includes Christofias. At least with the latter his communist credentials were in full view right from the beginning and he didn’t disappoint.

With Anastasiades, he’s adopted the machinations of a weasel lawyer by employing fancy semantics and delivering zilch.


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