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No GC politician will accept a two-state solution

Cavusoglou in Crans-Montana with United Nations Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide

I doubt that there is a single GC politician who would go for a two state solution.

First of all, it would mean his/hers (in politics at least) end. GCs generally divide into two groups – pro-solution (federation with equal rights and return of the property) and against solution. I have never met anyone who would look for a two state solution.

Secondly (and it is the reason why no one among GCs looks for a two state solution), there is no benefit to GCs in a two state solution. Currently, they hold all the cards – EU, US and international community supports their rights/claims.

They lost the property, but they are EU members, while ‘TRNC’ and Turkey are isolated, and ‘TRNC’ is not recognised.

The ROC economy is growing, while ‘TRNC’/Turkey is tanking.

So, unless the two state solution offers some significant concessions to GCs, I cannot see how any GCs could support it and allow it to come to fruition (do not forget that whatever the solution GCs would need to vote for it and they have rejected the Annan plan).

The only possibility could be return of land to offset all property claims – perhaps that would give it a traction – but I doubt that Turkey would give up any any part of ‘its territory’.


Anastasiades promised Cavusoglu to work for two-state solution, columnist claims


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